Disaster Relief-Harvey

September 13, 2017-

A Special meeting of the deacon body was called by the pastor on September 13, 2017.  At the special called meeting the deacon body agreed to bring a recommendation to the Church at the business meeting to give a sizable sum of money from the Church to Pine Forest Baptist Church (PFBC) in Vidor, TX.


  • PFBC is a Southern Baptist Church
  • Flood waters from Hurricane Harvey caused widespread flooding in Vidor
  • The Church received extensive damage to the buildings as a result of flood water
  • A large percentage of the members of the Church received damage to their personal property


  • in 2013 PFBC was one of the stops of the CVBC Student Choir Tour.
  • Dale Prudhome, PFBC Minister of Music, is s personal friend of Billy Williams


  • At the end of the year 2016 our income exceeded expenses(CVBC financial statements are available in the Church office)
  • The excess amount was transferred to a designated account under the direction of and oversight of the CVBC Finance Committee
  • This money was set aside in order to fund special maintenance projects, to purchase or upgrade ministry related tools for the ongoing ministries of the Church
  • Some of these funds have already been used in the development of the middle school ministry
  • We were planning to use some of these funds to replace some worn out doors and to purchase camera and streaming equipment to enhance our presence on FaceBook Live and to explore other avenues for getting the gospel to those who have not yet responded to Jesus.
  • We decided that the door project could wait
  • We decided that the camera enhancement could wait
  • We decided that helping our brothers and sisters in need–COULD NOT WAIT.

You have given faithfully, sacrificially, and generously.  So the decision was made to send resources that you have already given to help a sister Church in need.  Your Budget and Finance Committee, Business Administrator, and Treasurer all provide oversight of the Finances of the Church.  Because they do, we were able to give a generous git to a Church in need.

September 5, 2017-

Mississippi Baptist Convention Disaster Relief units have mobilized to Texas and are working in coordination with the Southern Baptist Convention entities in that state.  The Baptist General Convention of Texas, Southern Baptists of Texas, and Texas Baptist Men are coordinating the massive response in affected areas and providing support for evacuees. Your Southern Baptist Convention trained disaster relief mobilized specialists are operating their large capacity mobile feeding units and are preparing upwards of 135,000 meals per day in strategic sites.  All sites are indicating that water or other commodities are not being requested at this time.  Why? our MBCB field personnel indicate that it is typical for a surge of donated items to be received in the early days that meets initial demand.  After those supplies are depleted, public requests will be made for additional items.  When requests are made we will let you know on this page. 

We have set up a “DISASTER RELIEF FUND” at Clarke Venable.  These funds will be used in the relief efforts when we are aware of specific needs.  We are collecting money now so that we can act quickly when we need to.  Make checks payable to:  Clarke Venable Baptist Church.  Indicate in the memo line or the envelope that it is for Disaster Relief.  Mail to:  Clarke-Venable PO Box 308, Decatur, MS 39327.

September 1, 2017-

Hurricane Harvey, as you all know, has brought catastrophic damage to areas in Texas and Louisiana.  Many people have lost everything.  Clarke-Venable is part of the Southern Baptist Convention, already on the ground meeting needs.  Each Sunday when you put a dollar in the plate a portion of those funds go to support a network of ministries of which disaster relief is a part.

Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief (led by Don Gann-former ECCC BSU director and friend to many CV members) remains on standby for response. All forty-two SBC State Conventions are ready to assist in any way.  Very soon, assessment of damage and identifying specific needs will take place and we will have a better handle on how to respond.  

This morning, September 1, we spoke to one of the ministers at Pine Forest Baptist Church in Vidor, Texas, a stop on the CV Student Choir Tour of 2013.  They had water in all of their buildings but said it may be 2-3 weeks before they identify ways that we could help.  We will remain in contact with them to determine ways that we can help and not hinder.

If you are serious about helping there are some things that you can do right now.  They are these:

  • Pray –When you pray, you are humbling yourself and admitting that the greatest source of help comes from God, not self.  Prayer keeps you Christo-centered.  Work moves you toward ego centered.  The key is balance.  Pray as if it all depends on God.  Work as if it all depends on you.  Pray Pray Pray.
  • Pray for those who have been hit by the storm.
  • Pray for family members who have been separated and relocated.
  • Pray for the safety of those living in shelters and temporary housing.
  • Pray for those who are helping.
  • Pray for our Southern Baptist Responders.
  • Pray for an openness to hear the gospel.


  • Prepare While help will be needed for a long time in these damaged areas, you can prepare now to aggressively respond by doing the following things:
  • Prepare your body-if you think you may want to be a part of a team that will travel to these areas, make sure your tetanus and other inoculations are up-to-date.
  • Prepare your mind-educate yourself on the facts of what has happened.  Our response is not based on emotion but on facts.
  • Prepare your heart-to share the hope of Jesus Christ, whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Prepare to give to support a special offering for our travel team.

We will keep you updated on when, where, and how CV will engage.