Student Intern

The Purpose of the Student Intern Ministry

The purpose of the Student Intern Leadership Development Ministry is to provide leadership training opportunities and experiences through the ongoing ministries of the Church that will challenge and train college students who have answered God’s call to ministry or who are exploring or considering Church-related vocational employment.

Students are eligible to participate in the fall term following high school graduation.  Students eligible to participate must be 18 years old by August 1.  The intern/employee desires to serve the Lord through the ongoing ministries of the local Church, and through his/her service glorify God’s Name, enhance the ministries of the church, and gain ministry experiences for growth in God’s Kingdom. The Church desires to provide leadership training opportunities and experience to encourage and nurture this Calling through the Student Intern Ministry.

Biblical Background 

The final instructions of Jesus teach us that the Church exists to make disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20)  We are continually reminded of this truth throughout the CVBC ministries and by our ministers.  Since we know why we exist, we are compelled therefore to strategically and intentionally focus our attention and energy on developing active leaders to be obedient to the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8) in order to carry out the Church’s commission given to us by our Lord. (Matthew 28:18-20)

The book of Acts is filled with the birth of, growth in, as well as the struggles many Churches and their leaders faced.  The Bible clearly records the thrilling victories experienced by some Churches.  But, the same book also reports agonizing defeats experienced by others.  Many of those failures in the early Church were the result of people holding positions of leadership that were not fit to lead.  Sadly, the same is true today.  Moreover, roughly half of the New Testament was written by one author, Paul the Apostle, to Churches and Church leaders in order to inform, encourage, and train those Churches and their leaders to live above the magnetic pull of sin and the culture and to exhibit the character that God expects in His church that bears His name.

The Churches of the New Testament needed leaders.  The Church today needs leaders.  But the Church today does not need just any kind of leader.  The Church needs leaders who are taught by the Bible, led by The Spirit, and shaped by the tender hand of Jesus.  Today’s Church must provide training opportunities and experiences to challenge and train future leaders to be successful in their Spirit-led endeavors so that the Church of tomorrow will not lack for well-trained leaders which is the focus of CVBC’s Student Intern Leadership Development Ministry.

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