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C3 Student Ministry exists to make disciples and help them grow during their teenage years to have an impact on Newton County and the World for Jesus.

We believe this is accomplished through 3 connections.

First, we believe it is important that your teenager connects with God.  We believe that a person is connected to God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Second, we believe that every teenager needs to connect with others.  They need friends, family, and other people  to help them grow physically, socially, and spiritually.  Finally, we believe that the teenagers who are following Jesus need to connect with Ministry.  Jesus has commanded His followers to  go and be a witness to all the world.  We believe it is essential that teenagers begin to fulfill that commandment in their own lives.

C3 Programming

Sunday Mornings

9:45 am Sunday School

Sunday Evenings

4:00 pm Student Choir

5:00 pm Worship Arts

Wednesday Nights

6:15 pm Youth Worship